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Is it all product carbon footprint or what?


The steel and metal industry needs to decarbonize. Almost every company has therefore now set its own climate targets in order to reduce its CO₂-emissions. However, there is still no standardized definition for green steel.
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Green transformation: clear bonus for steel scrap


In the course of decarbonization, the increased use of steel scrap in steel production is the means of choice for reducing CO₂ emissions, as recycling saves an average of 1.67 t of CO₂ compared with production from iron ore via the blast furnace route.
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Smart Steel: Steel with new sustainable DNA


In addition to being CO2-free, metallurgical research is now increasingly concerned with meeting the requirements of the circular economy while at the same time not having to compromise on quality.
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How the Green Transformation impacts the labor market in the metallurgical industry


Among the three big "D"s, Digitalization, Demographics and Decarbonization, decarbonization remains probably the greatest challenge facing the metallurgical industry.
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Hydrogen transport: All in on Ammonia?


Everyone wants green hydrogen, some sooner than others. The areas of application for the eco-gas in the process industry are well known; so are the methods of production - centralized or decentralized, domestic or foreign. But between production and application lies transportation.
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With the right technology to green iron and green steel


Technologies for emission-reduced steel production already exist. Plant manufacturers can already incorporate them into a large number of existing and future plants. However, how, what, when and where this can happen depends on several technological factors. We explain what these are here using several practical examples.
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Digitisation, emissions reduction and networking: the future of steel trading in transition


Companies face the challenge of reducing their CO₂ emissions while finding innovative ways to optimise their processes. In this report, we present the latest developments and solutions that are shaping the future of steel trading.
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Shortage of skilled workers in the metal sector: strategies to meet the challenge


Last year, some 8,000 training places in mechanical engineering-related occupations remained unfilled. In addition, the quality of applications in the mechanical and plant engineering sector has declined over the past three years. This is shown by a snap survey of VDMA members.
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Premiere in Spain: How hydrogen can decarbonize aluminum production


On June 15, the ecoMetals Awards were presented for the first time as part of the Düsseldorf trade fair quartet GIFA, METEC; NEWCAST and THERMPROCESS. In keeping with the ecoMetals spirit, the awards, presented in three categories, honor selected industrial companies for their commitment to decarbonization. The winner in the ecoEnergy category was Norsk Hydro ASA (Hydro) from Norway.
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Shortage of skilled workers in the metal sector: companies struggle with problems recruiting young talent


The metal sector is facing an alarming shortage of skilled workers. Demographic change and a lack of young talent have led to a worrying gap between supply and demand. But there are solutions.
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